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All EMI SIG members can Join an EMI SIG Subcommittee to participate in teleconferences, share best practices and contribute to the important work of fostering excellence in emergency management. 
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Continuity of Operations
Upcoming Teleconference:
Thursday, April 11th, 2019 15:00pm ET
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, LLC provided an overview of EarthEx 19.
• The largest, international cross-sector exercise based upon a “Black Sky” threat in history
• Kicks off August 21st, 2019
• Open to everyone, world-wide
• No cost, self-facilitated, self-evaluated
GridEx V
o Working on Enrollment process
o Rich Ohlsen leading the Working Group
o Contact Rich to get involved
o 2-day event in November
Charter/Annual Meeting Update: May 23 Extended Meeting
• Looking for volunteers to help with the Annual Mtg. planning
 Table top discussions
 Lining up presenters
• Charter
 SC Leadership is reviewing the charter
 Will send to general membership after Leadership review is completed
 Waiting for Steering Committee approval for virtual Charter approval vote
 Will have a 30-day review for members
• May 23 Extended Meeting
 Block out 3 hours for May 23 meeting
 Work through SC business normally done at the Annual Mtg.
Important Dates
• EMI SIG Registration – Opens in May – Date to be announced
• Next COOP Coordinators Meeting – 4/3/2019
• Next COOP Subcommittee Meeting – 4/11/2019
• Quarterly Accountability Drill - 4/11/2019
• Eagle Horizon Functional Exercise 2019 - 5/1/19 – 5/2/19
• **Tentative COOPSC Virtual Spring Meeting – 5/23/19 – 3hrs.**
• 2019 EMI SIG Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN – 9/16-20/19
Annual Objectives:
Charter review, read-through and familiarization/discussion before we propose any changes. 
Have the COOPSC Charter available to the subcommittee for review no later than April 11th (monthly meeting), in order for them to vote on it by May 9th.
Allow the GridEx Working Group to discuss objectives for upcoming exercise.

DOE Meteorological Subcommittee
Upcoming Teleconference:
Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 10:30 ET
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
Chair is looking into meteorological site assist visits (coordinated site visits for information sharing and  best practices)
Annual Objectives:
1) Elect a Co-Chair
2) Develop a white paper on characterizing a “DOE Meteorologist”.
3) Provide input/feedback/review of the CRADs for Meteorological Monitoring Systems and Consequence Assessment.
4) Continue to provide enterprise-wide meteorological advice and information.

Emergency Public Information
Upcoming Teleconference:
Tuesday, April 16th 2019, 9:00 am ET
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
 Please note the EPISC will hold a teleconference in April AND June to prepare for the Annual Meeting. 
EPISC will be establishing new goals and objectives for 2019/2020. Please plan on joining our April 16th WebEx as we discuss our new, value-added, goals and objectives.
A working group has been formed and is on their way to review and revise the following on-line training courses. If you’re interested in being part of this team, contact Holly Hardin.
              EPI100DW: DOE Emergency Public Information Overview (would need to be updated to the Order)
              EPI230DT: EPI & Social Media Tutorial
              EPI340DW: Joint Information Center (JIC) Management (Include Joint Information System, Media Center)
If you’re interested in being part of this team, contact Holly Hardin.
Annual Objectives:
1) Increase EPI Subcommittee participation by engaging DOE/NNSA Headquarters Public Affairs to push Sites’ efforts in a top-down approach; also, to reach out to Emergency Management staff at facilities to increase awareness and drive greater overall participation in EPI as a key component of emergency operations.
2) Develop a model, including procedures, documentation and other resources, for converting an existing EPI program into a social media-based response program. Many sites are looking for ways to move away from press releases and incorporate more technology in their response. But establishing a model using current programs as an example (ie. Nevada, Y-12, Los Alamos), we can offer resources to those locations who are looking for resources or help.
3) Post more EPI-related content to the SharePoint site of EMI-SIG, such as EPI Plans, checklists and other procedures. Cultivate the posting of pre-approved photographs, graphics and videos that can be accessed during a time of need.
4) Develop new courses that could help facilities across DOE/NNSA improve their overall emergency pubic information efforts.

Emergency Readiness Assurance
Upcoming Teleconference:
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 13:00pm ET
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
 Please note the date change for our May meeting. We will be meeting one week later than normal, May 22.
ERASC has started drafting new goals and objectives for 2019/2020. We will also be reviewing the current Charter and making applicable changes. Be looking for a copy of the Charter coming your way via email for your input. Join us on our next telecon for discussion on these agenda items.
ERASC members are encouraged to participate in the general benchmarking activity scheduled at the Annual Meeting. Make plans to share ideas that will benefit the DOE community. Please contact Daron Keesee if you are interest in participating in this activity.
Nominations for ERASC leadership will take place during our Annual Meeting ERASC breakout session. Nomination forms will be distributed about 30 days before the Annual Meeting.
Annual Objectives:
1) Complete priority updates to Exercise Builder.
2) Develop a plan for upgrading Exercise Builder to a new, more stable platform.
3) Provide support to the CRADS development specific to readiness assurance.
4) Increase active membership in the ERASC and participation in quarterly conference calls.
5) Promote standards and best practices through informational sharing and educational activities during ERASC conference calls.
6) Identify and recommend a common trending tool for readiness assurance requirements.
7) Conduct 1-2 EXR-231 Exercise Design courses (based upon need).

Field and First Responders
Upcoming Teleconference:
 Wednesday, April 17th 2019 13:00pm ET 
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
Note that our March teleconference was moved out one week. We will be meeting on March 27th. Please make plans to join us. Our next meeting is April 17th.
FFRSC will be conducting their own Field and First Responders Subcommittee meeting in Chicago the week of May 6-9. This will facilitate opportunities for working group meetings, round table discussion, field trips and more. Join the March 27th telecon for more information.
FFRSC Training Team is continuing their initiative to build an enterprise site using Target Solutions. This will be a site for sharing lesson plans, standardizing training and sharing lessons learned and best practices.
Annual Objectives:
1) Continue to improve participation of monthly teleconferences by planning meaningful discussions that add value.
2) Complete Site Fire Department benchmark spreadsheet and publish.
3) Participate in CRADS process; provide input and feedback.
4) Begin two-year effort to research FF Retirement/Physical Fitness Initiatives.
5) Establish training working group to focus on improved collaboration of training content and effort across the NNSA/DOE first responder community.
Subcommittee for Emergency Planners
Upcoming Teleconference:
Thursday, March 21st, 2019  13:00 ET
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
Finalizing charter with objectives
Protective Action Topic: Accountability Issues
Annual Objectives:
1) Develop an agreed upon charter and institutionalize the subcommittees existence within EMI SIG.
2) Recruit a diverse group emergency management professionals to voluntarily share experience, expertise, and insights in regard to emergency planning to enhance the effectiveness of emergency management programs throughout the complex.
3) Hold regularly scheduled information-sharing teleconferences, web-based meetings, video teleconferences, or in person meetings.
4) Serve as a DOE/NNSA focal point for emergency management planning for the DOE complex.
5) Engage other EMI SIG subcommittees to enhance emergency planning knowledge and information sharing.
6) Provide support for other EMI SIG subcommittees on overlapping topical areas as requested.
7) Promote DOE/NNSA-wide emergency planning best practices.
8) Focus on addressing Protective Actions or other planning issues brought up by assessments.

Subcommittee for Emergency Management Technologies
Upcoming Teleconference:
Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 12:00 ET  
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
Researching UAS and countering UAS vehicles for 2019 Annual Meeting Presentation
Annual Objectives:
1) Continue to solicit information and assistance from the various sites with the “WebEOC in a Box” and “Emergency Employee Notification and Accountability Study”.
2) Solicit more input from various sites for contribution of presentations for the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Subcommittee on Technical Analysis and Response Support
Upcoming Teleconference:
Thursday, March 21st, 2019 11:00  ET  
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
STARS, SEMTECH, and the FFRSC have been discussing the need to coordinate activities involving the assessment, selection, and testing of new field monitoring technologies
Annual Objectives:
1) Continue our good work from the current year.
2) Provide quality technical products for use by the hazards and consequences assessment community.
3) Implement our new chemical screening issues portal.
4) Work to develop technical content for new hazards analysts and work with the Training and Drills Subcommittees and other training organizations to implement the new training. 
5) Support the development of the new CRAD. 
6) Continue the good work being done by all our working groups. 

Training & Drills
Upcoming Teleconference:
Tuesday, APril 16th, 2019 13:00pm ET  
Items of Interest (Products, Projects, News, etc.):
There has been a new discussion board added to the T&DSC SharePoint page. Valuable dialogue was generated during our March teleconference and will be posted soon for your input.
T&DSC has started drafting new goals and objectives for 2019/2020. We will also be reviewing the current Charter and making applicable changes. Be looking for a copy of the Chart coming your way via email for your input. Join us on our next telecon for discussion on these agenda items.
We are still needing volunteers to help facilitate our panel discussion during the Annual Meeting Training and Drills breakout session during. If you would like to participate or need more information, please contact Ben Harm.
If you are interested in serving in a Co-Chair position, we will be assigning additional people at the Annual Meeting.  We can always use additional help leading working groups developing T&D projects/products. 
Annual Objectives:
1) Encourage benchmarking visits across the DOE complex
2) Continue conference calls
3) Continue sharing lessons learned and best practices on conference calls and at EMI SIG Annual Meeting
4) Continue to support TDSC members in the implementation of DOE O 151.1D training and drill requirements
5) Continue to support DOE HQ and other subcommittees as requested (i.e., review and provide feedback for new or revised training)
6) Promote identification of more “best practices”
7) Provide feedback of the T&D CRAD to PNNL