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​COOP Connection​​​

The April-July issue of the COOP Connection newsletter is available to view.  CLICK HERE to view.

Emergency Management Training
The new NA-43 Office of Preparedness is developing and delivering online training via their learning Management system (LMS). Currently there is training available on the CRAD and before Christmas, training will be available that well help you navigate the new DOE O 151.1D. Use the link below to explore the catelog of courses and create an account if you don't have one. 

2016 EMI SIG Annual Meeting

CLICK HERE to view all the presentations and details.

EA Lessons Learned

The Office of Enterprise Assessments Lessons Learned from the 2015 Emergency Management Assessments - May 2016. EA based this report on an overview of the seven EA emergency management assessments conducted in 2015, including an analysis of observed conditions against DOE requirements. The report goes beyond compliance reporting to offer lessons learned and recommendations for improving DOE/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) emergency management programs.


Meet the EMI SIG Support Team

As many of you know, the contract to support the EMI SIG is being transitioned from ORISE to the new contractor Project Enhancement Corporation (PEC). ORISE has done a superb job of building and supporting the EMI SIG for 30 years and Dorothy Cohen and her staff left some very big shoes for us to fill. We have appreciated your patience over the last month and a half while we have relocated the EMI SIG website, SharePoint site and ListServ to a new home on DOE-owned servers.  We have also been busy hiring staff to support the EMI SIG and the subcommittees.  The good news is that the staff is on board and quickly getting up to speed.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the folks you’ll be working.  MORE...​
Support Staff.jpg
From right to left: Willie “Sing” Singleton, Bernie Pleau. Vickie Pleau, Paul Stoudenmire, Jennifer Hutchins, Scott Stoudenmire, James Sheridan, and Dave Waldron​

Join the CAP Team

NA-40 is recruiting volunteers to form a team to draft a standard set of requirements and procedures to document, validate and verify correction actions.  The Task Force (Working Group) will consist of representatives from NA-40, EA, AU and defense and non-defense facility program officials and field offices. Their mission is to establish new requirements for developing corrective actions and linking causal analyses.  This will include identifying the requirements for the documentation and validation/verification of corrective actions for emergency management deficiencies.

The new requirements for corrective actions will be tested by the program office and field elements and training will be conducted on causal analyses, developing corrective actions, and the validation/verification of correction actions.

For more information on the Corrective Action Procedure team, contact Lori Thomas at:​

 EPIcode version 8.0.2 released

EPIcode provides emergency response personnel and emergency planners with a fast, field-portable tool for evaluating the potential health and safety impacts of an airborne release involving toxic substances.

Based on the Gaussian plume model,EPIcode can be used for consequence assessment, hazard assessment and safety analysis of facilities handling toxic material. EPIcode provides a fast and usually conservative means for estimating the health effects associated with the short-term atmospheric release of toxic materials.​

EMI SIG members with EMI SIG SharePoint accounts can download this tool from the EPIcode page.  Click HERE​ to login to EMI SIG SharePoint and then click on the EPIcode User Group icon to open page.  If you don't yet have a SharePoint account click on the JOIN icon on the right of this page.




​WE NEED YOU... pilot the CRAD!

UncleSam.pngA draft Baseline Criteria and Review Approach Document (CRAD) has been prepared and is ready for pilot testing. This Baseline Emergency Management CRAD is based on DOE Order 151.1C and is organized according to the Program Elements that are contained in that Order. This Baseline Emergency Management CRAD is also divided into three sections: (1) Facility/Site, (2) Cognizant Field Element, and (3) Program Office. Each of these organizational levels had differing responsibilities and requirements. Each section can be used for self-assessments, as well as by oversight organizations.

In its Implementation Plan for DNFSB Recommendation 2014-1, DOE proposed to test a draft single Criteria and Review Approach Document (CRAD) for emergency management. While there will still be the need to tailor this Baseline Emergency Management CRAD to the specific hazards that are present or to focus on specific areas during an assessment, this document eliminates the need for individual assessment team members to develop a CRAD for each assessment.

Click here ​to download the latest version of the CRAD, and let us know the name of your site/facility and point of contact, which portion of the CRAD – in whole or in part – your site will commit to pilot test, and the results of your pilot test: the good, the bad, or the indifferent. Your valuable feedback will help us prepare a recommendation to the Deputy Secretary.

The "151 Corner"

Looking for the latest information on implementation of DOE O 151.1D? Do you have a question on the new order for the NA-41 staff?  Check out the 151 Corner on the ribbon menu above. At the 151 Corner you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and a forum for you to post your own questions.  All questions submitted will be vetted by the NA-41 staff and an official response posted within 30 days.  You will also find a crosswalk of DOE O 151.1C and DOE O 151.1D that shows you what was changed. Coming soon to the 151 Corner will be online training on what was changed, why it was changed and how it might impact your site.  Check it out.​

Help Needed on Guides!!

from Rose Duval - Aug 1, 2016
As many of you know I have never been shy to ask for help or pretend that I know it all, so with that I am looking to see who in the community would like to be a part of the Design Team for the Guides? So what does the Design Team do? I am not too sure yet. To be honest we need some field folks to be part of the HQ team to design how the Guides should flow from the Order. OK, sure we can do that and then push it out and delegate, with what fun is there in that? Where is the fun of being creative and thinking big picture? Sure there will be others that are involved, like the EMI-SIG Subcommittees, but the opportunity is here now to take the Guides and kick them up a notch or two. If you are interested contact me at​ 


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 Useful References and Guides

DOE O 151.1D.pdf
Checked Out To: Paul Stoudenmire (ITP)DOE O 151.1D.pdf
Checked Out To: Paul Stoudenmire (ITP)
DOE O 151 1D vs  DOE O 151 1C Crosswalk Final.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie CarterDOE O 151 1D vs  DOE O 151 1C Crosswalk Final.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie Carter
FAQ DOE O 151 (1226).pdf
New User Guide.pptx
DRAFT Baseline CRAD.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie CarterDRAFT Baseline CRAD.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie Carter
DOE G 151.1-2, Technical Planning Basis.pdf
DOE G 151.1-3, Programmatic Elements.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie CarterDOE G 151.1-3, Programmatic Elements.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie Carter
DOE G 151.1-4, Response Elements.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie CarterDOE G 151.1-4, Response Elements.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie Carter
DOE G 151.1-5, Biosafety Facilities.pdf
DOE G 151.1-1A, Emergency Management Fundamentals and the Operational Emergency Base Program.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie CarterDOE G 151.1-1A, Emergency Management Fundamentals and the Operational Emergency Base Program.pdf
Checked Out To: Cathie Carter

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