EPIcode Version 8.1 Release

Published in Resources on 12/18/2018

Tagged Under: Emergency Response, Offsite Response, Planning, Public Health

EPIcode program was developed to provide emergency response personnel and emergency planners with a software tool to help evaluate the atmospheric release of toxic substances.
EPIcode provides emergency response personnel and emergency planners with a fast, field-portable tool for evaluating the potential health and safety impacts of an airborne release involving toxic substances.  Based on the Gaussian plume model, EPIcode can be used for consequence assessment, hazard assessment and safety analysis of facilities handling toxic material. EPIcode provides a fast and usually conservative means for estimating the health effects associated with the short-term atmospheric release of toxic materials.
Version 8.1 Release Notes
New features/Improvements:
  • Capability to run explosive releases with parameters matching output from EPIcode version 7
  • Additions to the user defined chemical library now take effect immediately
    • Users no longer need to restart the program to see changes
  • Removed references to older Microsoft libraries
  • Application compiled as a Windows 10, to enable installer upgrade to 64-bit
  • New error handling and logging of errors to improve troubleshooting
Software Bug Fixes:
  • Table output information from batch mode runs was incomplete when the “DistanceUnits” variable was set to "classic". 
  • When the selection of a user chemical followed an AEGL based chemical, the “View Substance” capability was incorrectly displaying those same AEGL values from the previous chemical.
  • AEGL units for chemical agents were incorrectly set to mg/m3 instead of ppm.


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Please contact the EPIcode support line at epicode@llnl.gov for any questions, comments, etc.