Time For Plan B

Published in none on 3/24/2018

Benchmarking is a valuable tool to help determine what and where improvements are needed, analyze how other organizations achieve their high performance levels, and use this information to improve their performance.

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“Benchmarking” is a familiar term.  It serves as a gauge to assess your organization’s policies, products, programs, strategies etc. and compare standard performance measurements with others, both in and outside the work place.

Benchmarking also looks at “best practices” organizations use to achieve high performance levels.  Typically, organizations identify a problem area then compare it against other performance-leader organizations with similar processes. Identifying and Implementing “best practices” from other organizations help improve overall business practices.

At this year’s EMI SIG Annual Meeting, we have four benchmarking sessions that look at internal processes for sharing information and products and collaborating to identify best practices across the complex.  The four areas being addressed are:

1.    Exercise Programs

2.    Emergency Public Relations/Social Media

3.    Protective Actions and Accountability

4.    ERO Training and Qualification Programs

Participating Sites will share products such as plans and procedures/checklists, training programs, and protocols and practices. Session participants will be afforded the opportunity to visit each participating site’s hosted displays and demonstrations.

This is an ideal opportunity to obtain many valuable take-aways that can enhance your emergency response organization. Sign up and get involved in one of these informative sessions. ​