2018 EMI SIG Annual Meeting Mobile App – don’t leave your phone without it!

Published in Resources on 4/23/2018

Everything you need to know about downloading and claiming your 2018 EMI SIG Annual Meeting Mobile App account!

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Complete the following steps to download this year’s free EMI SIG Annual Meeting Mobile App!
  1. On an iPhone or iPad go to the App Store and search “2018 EMI SIG”. On an Android phone or tablet go to Google Play.
  2. After the app is installed, open the app and enter the email address you use to access the EMI SIG SharePoint.  Create a password.
  3. A verification email will be sent to your email account.  Open the email and verify receipt.
  4. You’re in!
 Like pictures? You’re in luck!
Open this Mobile App Flyer and scan the QR code or click on the AppStore or GooglePlay icon to begin downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet.
This Mobile App Guide provides helpful illustrations and instruction on how to download and claim your account. It also includes tips on using all the great features like:
  • Selecting sessions you want to attend and setting automatic reminders for when that session starts.
  • Opening a session and reading the abstract and speaker bio.
  • Accessing the People tab and selecting people you want to network with.
  • Giving us feedback on presentations and voting for your favorites.
  • And much, much more!
 Can’t install the app on your phone or tablet? No problem!
Just type this URL into your browser: http://iqhq6l.attendify.io/
Don’t leave your phone without it!
If you won’t have access to your work email on your mobile device, be sure you setup your account before you leave work and head to the EMI SIG Annual meeting.