Cyber Defense Competition

Published in News on 5/14/2018

Cyber warriors try to take control of power grid in Department of Energy competition

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The DOE held its third Cyber Defense Competition April 6-7.  29 university teams participated in the two day event held at three DOE national laboratories: Argonne National Laboratory; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 

A Cyber Defense Competition (CDC) is a competition that focuses on the defensive/hardening nature of cyber security. 

 This competition was comprised of four different teams:

·  Blue team - all of the university teams and their networks

·  Red team - the cyber professionals positioned to attack blue team’s networks

·  Green team - the end user of the blue team’s system

·  White team - competition organizers that manage engagements and add in various anomalies during play.

To find out more about the competition and who the winners were click on the links at the end of this article.​


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