CRAD Reviews Needed!!!

Published in Collaboration on 7/30/2018

The Criteria Review and Approach Document (CRAD) Team is requesting that each EMI SIG Subcommittee review and comment on program elements associated with their areas of expertise by no later than Thursday, September 13, 2018. With your help, a final draft of the CRAD will be available for sites to start using around the end of the fiscal year.

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During the 2018 Annual Meeting, many of you attended briefings on the CRADs and the review process that needed to be completed for each emergency management program element. Well, the time has come and the CRAD Team needs feedback from each subcommittee on program elements associated with their areas of expertise. 


Each Subcommittee Chair will receive an email from Jennifer Hutchins, EMI SIG Program Administrator, recommending they work with a small group of subcommittee members to provide a single, consolidated file with changes tracked for each element reviewed, by no later than Thursday, September 13, 2018. This will allow the CRAD Team to meet their deadline to NA-41.


The CRAD files have been organized by the program elements in DOE O 151.1D thus, the top level tier of the organizational structure is the Program Element as listed below.


A. Program Management and Administration

B. All-Hazards Planning Basis

C. Emergency Response Organization

D. Emergency Operations System

E. Training and Drills

F. Emergency Medical Support

G. Offsite Response Interfaces

H. Emergency Categorization

I. Protective Actions

J. Emergency Facilities and Equipment/Systems

K. Notifications and Communications

L. Emergency Public Information

M. Termination and Recovery

N. Readiness Assurance

O. Consequence Assessment


Each of the above files have been posted to the EMI SIG SharePoint at for reference and/or review.

Need a little more background?

The purpose of the CRAD is to support oversight and self-assessments of Emergency Management Enterprise (EME) programs at DOE sites. CRADs incorporate and enhance DOE’s traditional approach of evaluating emergency management programs based on compliance with DOE Orders and other requirements. CRADs will also meet the DOE Secretary’s commitment to develop and implement a risk-informed and performance-based emergency management program administration and oversight tool – as outlined in the DOE Implementation Plan for Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) Recommendation 2014-1.

CRADs also goes a step further and separately evaluate the status of emergency management programs in adopting best practices – practices that go beyond simply meeting requirements. Lessons learned from actual emergency management events and assessments in the U.S. and around the world are needed to inform the development of requirements, risk significance, and best practices for emergency management programs.​​​​
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