New EMI SIG Subcommittee Established –“Subcommittee For Emergency Management Planners (SEMPER)”

Published in News on 8/28/2018

SEMPER is a new subcommittee that provides a network forum for emergency management professionals to collaborate and share information on all-hazards emergency planning activities across the DOE/NNSA complex.

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SEMPER is seeking members to assist in addressing  all-hazards emergency planning issues such as the development and implementation of site-level All-Hazards Emergency Management Plans, Emergency Plan Implementing Procedures (EPIPs) and Emergency Plan Administrative Procedures (EPAPs),  and other emergency management related plan, procedures, checklists, templates, and forms on topical areas such as the following: implementing protective actions, protective action recommendations, categorization and classification, accountability, site evacuation planning, offsite notifications, active shooter response, EOC activation and operations, facility/site operations center emergency response, and more! 
SEMPER will provide a network forum for emergency management professionals that is designed to ensure appropriate coordination, collaboration, and information-sharing between the Department of Energy/ National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) complex and its contractor personnel, with common interests, in identifying and resolving all-hazards emergency planning issues throughout the DOE/NNSA complex.
SEMPER looks to leverage the experiences, expertise, and insight of emergency management professionals to promote the sharing of all-hazards emergency planning information to include, but not limited to, the following as they relate to the field of emergency management:
·         Development and implementation of site-level All-Hazards Emergency Management Plans; EPIPs and EPAPs; other emergency management related plans, procedures, templates, forms, and checklists;
·         Emergency management planning and the interface with document control and records management processes;
·         Strategic approaches to the emergency management process;
·         Implementation of Protective Actions and addressing Protective Actions across the complex.
The Subcommittee’s areas of focus for 2018/2019 are:
·         Site-level All-Hazards Emergency Management Plans
·         Protective Actions Procedures
o   Shelter-in-Place
o   Evacuations
o   Lockdowns
·         Accountability Procedures
·         Document Control and Emergency Management Interface
The Subcommittee Leadership is:
·         Chair:  Jesse Sievers, LANL
·         Co-Chairs: 
o   Amity Hahn, Pantex
o   Amy Muro, LLNL
·         Steering Committee Advisor:  John Riley, LLNL
·         Subcommittee Coordinator:  Jennifer Hutchins
·         DOE Advisor:  TBD
Contact the SharePoint site administrator Scott Stoudenmire on information on how to join the subcommittee: